Les Brown - You've gotta be hungry - motivation (to Interstellar soundtrack)

Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

Hey Guys & Girls,

When you need a mental and emotional pick-me-up, who better to listen to than Les Brown!

My name is Tim Robins, I'm a Mindset Coach - I help people to make fast changes to their thoughts and feelings. I specialise in helping people to unlock their strengths and accelerate their success.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped 8000+ individuals to break though the subconscious patterns that were holding them back.

If you are looking for instructional videos on how to instantly reduce feelings like anxiety, worry, quietening your inner critic, overcome procrastination or let go of hurt from an ex-partner, check out my new 'Master Your Mindset' course on Udemy, available for download to your iPhone or Android device.

Check it out here:


Background audio - Interstellar Main Theme - Extra Extended - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

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